More than Décor & Dancers

In our experience, a tailor-made experience is the perfect setting for initiating a platform to share stories and build lasting relationships. 

Staging an event is so much more than simply decor and entertainment; it is built on the core business value propositions and key messaging that needs to be communicated. Once that platform is established, the event is strategically built to bring about the best representation and collectiveness needed to ensure that your delegates walk away with the right message and motivation, and thus your purpose is represented and remembered.

Team Building

Nothing excites us more than when we are handed a challenge from a client for a specific team outcome.

Ring any bells: “I want my team to take more ownership”, “I need the team to understand the big picture”, or “I want the delegates to have so much fun they don’t realize they’re learning the organisational values”.

This just gets us going, and after a good session in the Loud Lounge white boarding, play acting and some really silly ideas we present the client with a real unique cracker of a team activity or activation. Your proposal is specifically crafted to deliver the required outcome, whilst lifting energy levels, having fun and allowing teams to share, contribute and grow through experience.

We devise crazy schemes to help Management illustrate or simulate the concept. Using various tools, teams and techniques we have multiple platforms to call on to facilitate the exercise. From social media to multimedia, even construction, creativity and alignment to the business strategy is what makes these activations so successful.

Tried and Tested Team Building:

Over the years we have developed some cracker activations that have had teams engaged, energized and vying for first place. Here are a few examples and can be developed around your brief and organisation for maximum impact and maximum fun. Ask us about some of these activations and how we can personalise it for you.

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