A feeling which each and every South African citizen has for their country, particularly on Human Rights Day. With Jacob Zuma finally out of office, it’s no wonder why so many South Africans can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

“During Jacob Zuma’s presidency, South Africa was blighted by serious human rights violations. Under his leadership, we’ve seen a failure to ensure access to justice for victims of a range of human rights violations” - Shenilla Mohamed.

A report from the Humans Rights Commission revealed that the Right to Equality is the most violated right in South Africa, with Unfair Labour Practices being second.

Many people also complained regarding their lack of access to healthcare, water, food, and security – All of which are a basic human right.

A great amount of South African’s have had their basic rights violated during this 8 year terror and now with Cyril Ramaphosa selected as the new president, there is a chance to ensure that those rights are respected and never abused again.

“To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.” – Nelson Mandela.

On this day, as we reflect on our rights, we have HOPE.

We have HOPE that each person’s human rights are applied equally.

We have HOPE that each person’s rights, as well as our own, are protected.

We have HOPE that as we work towards a new South Africa in 2018, things will continue to improve. Our Rand will strengthen, unemployment will decrease and we as a nation will unite as a whole.

Happy Human Rights Day, South Africa

Human Rights Day 2018