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The Loud Group are a unique agency consisting of creative people that get a kick out of making movements and inspiring organisations. 

Call us ‘garden gnomes, secret agents or circus folk’, but our job is to get it done, but our job is to make it better, bigger more successful - dirty work n’ all. We are event geniuses, marketing wizards and brand IP specialists, focusing on strategy, creativity, design and trend setting. This allows us to better position, promote and sell your brand. The tools of our trade are marketing and brand IP, strategy, creativity, design and a host of other tools. With these in place we assist organisations better position, promote and sell their brands both internally and externally.

what do we do ?

We take brands to a whole new level.

It's not rocket science, but so often businesses don't do it. We take a best practice route when it comes to representing and positioning your brand. Great transparent brands = loyal valued customers. 
In order to build or define your brand we have 3 areas which work in synergy to morph the ok into the exceptional!


People buy from people they like. So how do they know you? How do they know your brand?  We design events that will match-make your clients and your team for brand bonding like never before seen. The average TV spot can cost in the region of R80000.00 for a 30 second spot. What immediate connection is made?

In our experience a tailor-made experience is the perfect setting for initiating unique bonds, sharing stories and building lasting relationships. Staging an event is so much more than simply decor and entertainment. It is built on the business value proposition and message. Everything in and around that is strategically built to enhance and reiterate that message, so that every client walks away, with the key message deeply ingrained in their understanding of the brand.

Events like these are designed to move people, to change how they think, make them pause, make them act. Act on your message and produce a tangible, measurable outcome.

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Our off the wall approach and fresh ideas are very often just what is needed to breathe a breath of fresh air into your organisations' marketing or brand strategy. This is backed up with our design team, who not only provides personality to any brand but can broadcast your message on a variety of innovative mediums and platforms. Working in print to online media pairing up the most appropriate mechanism for maximum return is our forte. 

Well thought out design and superbly crafted back ends is what has set us apart over the years. Print, billboards to online communication is executed on brief, on time and on budget.

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Our consulting team can assist build a strategy to take you into the new millennium. However a focused approach is used when looking at a new product launch, a brand overhaul or simply an internal culture shift. With the bombardment of communication platforms our team has the know-how, the insight and the stamina to work your brand on the most appropriate levels for return based impact. 

Together our team has your back. Our job is to find the best possible solution, plan or concept to get your brand heard. We ask you to Please trust us with your precious brand.

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