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The cherry on top, our design team, creates personality for your brand & announce your message on a variety of pioneering mediums and platforms.

Extending your reach from print to online media, we work in close contact with the most appropriate mechanisms and agencies to maximise your return – all executed on brief, on time and on budget.


Stationary is literally your lasting impression. That one element you hand over freely to potential clients, partners or dates… What does it say about you, is it informative, most are, however does it begin to tell your brand story? It should be so intriguing that it opens up the conversation on a plane or at a bar, and it’s so on target that even 6 months later when that person realises they need your services, it comes to mind, and they can recall your value proposition immediately!

Using stationery for all your company’s communications also helps build your brand. Every time customers open your letters, they immediately see your company’s colors, logo or other graphics that identify your business. If you just use regular paper, you miss the chance to connect your customers to your brand’s visual identity.

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