Communicating with the millennial market is one of the major challenges marketers face. The millennial generation is the largest living population and has control over a massive amount of spending power. This reality has impacted the way brands communicate and do business like never before.

Every generation has characteristics that tie them together, it is these characteristics (or pillars) that, if understood, brands can use as guidelines for their communication strategies.

Understanding the Millennial Mindset is key to a successful brand communication strategy, although Millennials are multi-faceted and complex to some degree, they have similar mindsets that are largely developed on 6 pillars:

- Self-Innovation
- Social Circles
- Trust
- Purposeful
- Accessible

The question is “How to implement these pillars in your brand communication strategy?” Well, these 3 tactics if implemented correctly, will align your brand with millennial expectation, which in turn will generate some love for your brand.

Peer Affirmation and Social Circle

It is important to note that the social circle extends way beyond social media, these circles include groups of advisors whose opinions matter that millennial consumers have built for themselves. A major part of the millennial buying process includes them seeking the approval of their peers.

This is where the use of social media becomes extremely important. Channels like Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest curate this type of engagement.

Identify omnichannel opportunities

Millennials rely more on technology than any generation before them when making purchasing decisions. They use smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. to research products and services before purchasing. Smartphones lead the way when it comes to the devices used for this research and this is where digital content becomes key when looking to market to millennials.

Making a product available on both physical and digital channels is very effective when looking to grab millennial attention. Finding creative ways in bridging both the digital and physical presence of your brand will definitely go a long way in appealing to the mindsets of millenials.

Share your purpose/mission

Millenials want to give back and are more than willing to spend a little more on products or services that allow them to do so. Which means that millennials are looking for brands that do good in the world. Finding a way to sell your brands mission and purpose first and the product or service second could see your company winning in this dynamic market.