It's time to find those hidden Easter Eggs!

Easter is around the corner and everyone will be on the hunt for chocolate eggs.

But Easter doesn’t just exist in the real world. There are Digital Dev Bunnies who are constantly hiding Easter eggs in their software, just waiting for you to find them. It's kind of an inside joke - and we're about to spill the beans on some cool ones!

Human nature dictates that we love being in on a secret, and being the first to tell. Gamification another, as people want to engage as much as they want to WIN! (Whether there is a physical prize to be won or not)

All these elements entice a user to keep visiting a web page, software or app, even when they don’t actively need something.

Over the years, developers have been stashing these digital treats for us to find and we would like to share a few of our all-time favourites.

Dig in and enjoy!

1) Is Google Down?

Is Google Down Easter Egg Algorithm

Could Google really be down and if they were, would they tell you?

Type ‘Is Google Down’ into the search bar and Google will respond with the answer ‘No’.

2) Recursion

Recursion Easter Egg Algorithm

Why does this keep happening over and over again?

Type ‘recursion’ into the search bar and Google will return back “Did you mean: recursion” - This links back to the same page.

The word ‘recursion’ is a mathematical term that means “the repeated application of a recursive procedure or definition.”

If you were to click on Google’s suggested word each time, you would be creating an infinite loop of searches.

3) T-Rex Chrome Offline Game

T-Rex Offline Chrome Game

Thank you Google, at least I have something to keep me busy...

Turn off your Wi-Fi connection, open a new tab and load up a website.

You’ll see the standard Network Error page, with a T-Rex.

Generally, one would simply close the tab but next time tap the space bar on your keyboard.

The T-Rex at the top of the page will jump up and it will start running.

The objective is simple - Run as far as you can, for as long as you can, until you crash.

4) Askew

Askew Easter Egg Algorithm

Something's not lining up here?

Typing ‘askew’ into the search bar will cause the results page to be slightly tilted.

6) Blink HTML

Blink HTML Easter Egg Algorithm

Well, the reason seems simple to understand or does it?

Type '<blink>' in the search bar. The word ‘Blink’ will flash where it appears in the results.

The HTML Blink Element (<blink>) is a non-standard element which causes the enclosed text to flash slowly, however, it has long since deprecated.

7) Anagram

Anagram Easter Egg Algorithm

No, I did not mean ‘nag a ram’.

Type ‘anagram’ into the search bar and Google will return ‘Did you mean: nag a ram

If you didn’t notice, ‘nag a ram’ is an anagram of ‘anagram'.

8) Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush Easter Egg Algorithm

No Google!! My Search page!!

Type ‘zerg rush’ into the search bar and an army of Google Os will attempt to attack and destroy the search results.

But don’t panic! They can be defeated by clicking on them.

Unfortunately, you can’t beat Google.

Once you are defeated, the Os form two Gs (GG), meaning Good Game.

9) Do a Barrel Roll

Do a Barrel Roll Algorithm

Even Google can do aerial manoeuvres.

Simple but brilliant!

Type ‘Do a barrel roll’ into the search bar and the result page will do a barrel roll.

10) The Answer to Life

The Answer to Life Easter Egg Algorithm

Humph, who knew it has that simple...

Asking Google ‘What is the meaning to life, the universe and everything’ will produce the number '42' on Google Calculator.

This is a reference to 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'

Other interesting questions for Google calculator:

The number of horns on a unicorn?

What is the loneliest number?

Try adding those two together...

11) Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub Easter Egg Algorithm

Oh, that’s what you meant.

Type ‘wubba lubba dub dub’ in the search bar and google will return: ‘Did you mean: i am in great pain please help me

This is a reference to Rick and Morty. ‘Wubba Lubba dub dub’ is Rick’s catchphrase, however, it is revealed later in another native tongue, it actually means "I am in great pain, please help me”.

Many other websites have hidden eggs within their framework, however,  Google definitely remains at the top for producing and placing Easter Eggs within their search engine.

We’re excited to see what Google can produce later this year in 2018.

Who knows, maybe we’ll create an Easter Egg of our own. Watch this space. ;-)